Nana Buari Business And Properties

Nadia Sidiku Buari is an award-winning Ghanaian-Lebanese movie actress, entrepreneur, Muslim, and philanthropist.

She gained media attention after featuring in the Ghanaian TV series named, Games People Play.

Nadia had her breakthrough in the film industry after starring in the Ghanaian movie, “Beyonce: President’s Daughter”.

Playing the role of “Beyonce”, Nadia was bent on taking away the man she had fallen in love with but who was already in love with another lady.

Nadia Buari was one of the few Ghanaian actresses who starred in numerous high class movies both in Ghana and Nigeria.

She became a superstar not only in the Ghanaian movie industry but also in the popular Nollywood film industry in Nigeria.

She received two nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Nadia Buari is a Ghanaian actress and philanthropist known for her work in African cinema. While I do not have access to her current business ventures beyond that date, here are some of the businesses that Nadia Buari has been involved in:

  1. NSB Cosmetics: Nadia Buari owns a cosmetic line called NSB Cosmetics, which offers a range of beauty products including makeup and skincare items. She promotes her brand on social media and has a dedicated following of beauty enthusiasts.
  2. Fashion Boutique: Nadia Buari has also been associated with a fashion boutique called NK Boutique, which offers clothing, accessories, and other fashion items. She has shared updates about her boutique on social media, showcasing her fashion sense and style.
  3. Production Company: Nadia Buari is involved in film production and has her own production company called “Nadia Buari Production.” She has produced several films and has been credited as an executive producer in some of her projects.
  4. Real Estate: Nadia Buari has reportedly invested in real estate properties in Ghana and other countries. She has shared pictures and updates about her real estate investments on social media, hinting at her interest in this business venture.
  5. Brand Endorsements: Nadia Buari has been associated with various brands and has served as a brand ambassador for companies in Ghana and other African countries. She has promoted products and services through her social media platforms, indicating her involvement in brand endorsements.

It’s important to note that business ventures can change over time, and Nadia Buari may have ventured into other businesses beyond my knowledge cutoff date. It’s always recommended to verify the latest information from reliable sources for up-to-date and accurate information about celebrities’ business activities.

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