Nora Sabella Dies From Cancer, Obituary, Daughter of Amy Ventresco Sabella

Ode to Nora Sabella, Youngstown, Ohio’s Nora Sabella beloved daughter passed away from cancer.

Cancer was the cause of death for Nora Sabella. The daughter of Amy Ventresco Sabella has died.

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, Nora Sabella, a resident of Youngstown, Ohio, and the adored daughter of Amy Ventresco Sabella, passed away. Nora Sabella bravely fought cancer for a very long time before passing away.

On Sunday, her adored mother posted a message on social media announcing her death: “Nora laid down her sword this morning at 5:50 am. She fought valiantly all the way to the end.

Nora was an 8-year-old girl from Boardman, Ohio. Nora enjoys dancing.

She enjoys doing it. She began swimming with the summer swim squad this season as well. Six years old is Nora. She enjoys eating a PB&J sandwich, ice cream, or some Cheetos while she watches Paw Patrol. When she paints or makes crafts, she enjoys playing with her LOL Surprise dolls and letting her mind wander.

Because Nora is sweet and funny, her older sister considers her to be her best friend. Because she is intelligent, she also attended kindergarten and graduated. Parents were shocked to learn that Nora’s blood levels were low when she went to the doctor at age 4 for a checkup.

They weren’t too concerned because she recently discovered she has celiac disease and is picky about what she eats. Although Nora claimed that her arm occasionally hurt, the doctor was unable to determine why, so the family continued on their journey.

After her fever subsided, Nora appeared fine, but her mother didn’t notice how large her daughter’s stomach appeared until one evening as she was taking a bath. What their family had been most apprehensive of was confirmed by the doctor’s expression. Stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma was the official diagnosis made for her by Akron Children’s Hospital. Nora has had extensive care since January 2018, when she learned she had cancer.

She underwent a stem cell transplant, six doses of immunotherapy, 12 rounds of radiation therapy, six rounds of chemotherapy, and numerous surgeries and scans as part of her treatment. In March 2019, Emma ended this course of treatment, and Dr. Streby at Nationwide Children’s Hospital quickly began a DMFO trial. For several months, Nora appeared to be cancer-free. Regrettably, she recently relapsed and began chemotherapy once more.

The family will announce the obituary and funeral plans for Nora Sabella at a later time.

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