“Obaa foo, wagyimi paa” – Bishop Ajagurajah insults Diana Asamoah; Vows to spiritually destroy her

Evangelist Diana Asamoah beef with Bishop Kwabena Asiamah aka Ajagurajah has turned bloody.

Speaking on Angel FM a few days ago the gospel diva pinned Bishop Ajagurajah as an evil person who has veiled his atrocities with the word of God.

Diana Asamoah described Bishop Ajagurajah as a very dumb prophet of God who knows nothing about the scriptures.

Diana Asmoah further fired that aside from eating, Bishop Ajagurajah is completely good at nothing.

Whiles throwing heavy jabs at Bishop Ajagurajah, Diana Asamoah categorically stated that she’s not afraid of the leader and founder of Ajagurajah Movement.

She emphatically stated that she’s ready for all of his insults since he’s notoriously known to have a pepper mouth.

The ‘Munumkum’ hitmaker additionally advised the followers of Ajagurajah to be very careful because he’ll lead them to Hellfire.

Diana Asamoah’s unforeseen attack on Ajagurajah follows the prophet made a recent appearance on UTV – Where he made some unusual comments about the Bible.

Watch the video below to know more…

Although Bishop Ajagurajah replied to Diana Asamaoh’s attacks last week but it appears he’s still isn’t satisfied with how he dealt with the issue.

In a new video from the camp of the leader and founder of Ajagurajah movement, the spiritualist vowed to totally destroy the female gospel singer.

As promised by Ajagurajah, he will personally see to the ruin of Diana Asamoah.

Angry and uncontrollable Bishop Ajagurajah described Diana Asamoah as an ugly being who should have been kept in the zoo to be playing with animals.

Ajagurajah’s 57 minutes video was full of insults at Diana Asamoah. He ended the video by swearing to insult the gospel minister for a whole year.

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