Why 29-Inch Wheels On A Mountain Bike? (Explained)

It’s easy to notice mountain bike wheel sizes when you look at them. Some have smaller wheels, while others tend to be very sizeable. The first impression is usually that the different wheel sizes have different aesthetic appeals. While that’s true, the essence of variable sizing is performance. The added elevation of larger wheels is … Read more

Do I Need A 29-Inch Mountain Bike? (Let’s Find Out)

Many bikers enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Many take an interest in the forests, fire roads, and even mountain trails.  Unfortunately, you will have a poor experience using a regular bike in these parts. This is why many have chosen to purchase mountain bikes. There are several mountain bikes, and you can differentiate between them … Read more

Why Do Some Bikes Cost More Than Cars? (Read This First)

Generally, cars are supposed to cost more than these two wheels bikes, but there are cases where some motorcycles are more expensive than cars. Bikes are small and lightweight but still manage to fit the engines, transmission, and several other components into their mini-build, making it more convenient for many users.  Even with all those, … Read more