Pastor Kingsley Gyamfi alleges Dr Grace Boadu’s own family took her life; Opens deep secrets

As we all know, Dr Grace Boadu’s untimely death sparked public interest in her private affairs, including her love life.

While her family initially indicated during an interview with Poleeno Multimedia that Dr Boadu was not married nor had any children, it was later confirmed that she was dating Pastor Kingsley Gyamfi aka Bible Nokwafo.

A video that went viral days after Dr Grace Boadu’s demise captured the moment Prophet Gyamfi attempted to condole with the family at the family house at Asuofua Asamang but was chased away like a petty thief.

Following that incident, Pastor Gyamfi granted an interview with Kessben FM where he threatened to tear Dr Grace Boadu’s family into pieces if they dared accuse him of having a hand in the death of their daughter.

Dr Grace Boadu's husband to be, Osofo Bible Nokwafo sacked from her family house (Video)

While still in the state of mourning, Pastor Kingsley has raised eyebrows on Tiktok after sharing a cryptic message on his page.

Sharing a set of lovely pictures of himself and his adorable daughter, Pastor Kingsley indirectly suggested that Dr Grace Boadu’s own family killed her.

Although he failed to bluntly accuse Dr Grace Boadu’s family of having a hand in the death of their daughter but the caption he attached to the alluring photos of himself and his beautiful daughter has given social media a clue of what he has in both his mind and heart.

Captioning the now trending photos which have stirred massive reactions online, Pastor Kingsley wrote; “I have my daughter if you like kill yours”

This caption from Pastor Kingsley has triggered a wave of reactions from TikTokers who have come across the post.

A set of disappointed followers have called him out for being insensitive but Pastor Kingsley has maintained that even late Dr Grace Boadu’s family is happy that she’s no more hence critics should give him a break.

Dr Grace Boadu’s family is yet to react to this heavy allegation that has been levelled against them by Pastor Kingsley. Stay tuned for more on this brewing beef.

Dr Grace Boadu Funeral

The final funeral rites of Dr Grace Boadu will be held between 8-10th March 2024.

The laying in state and burial will take place on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at Ejisu Abankro in the Ashanti region where all well-wishers are expected to convene to mourn the late Dr. Grace Boadu.

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