Person who killed Mr Ibu finally confesses, gives shocking reason why he killed the actor

The reasons behind Mr Ibu’s shocking death have finally been made bare in a video at our disposal.

Mr Ibu was pronounced dead a few days ago and the sad news broke the hearts of all his fans across the world.

Several questions started popping up after his death as many were eager to know the main reason behind his death.

Well, several allegations flying all over the media have it that his son contributed largely to his death.

It is reported that a huge sum of money was donated to the actor to fly himself abroad for better treatment but his son absconded with the money.

As we speak, the police have arrested his son and he has confessed to squandering the money with his friends and girlfriends.

This report was filed from a report a Ghanaian media house carried out.

Watch the video here.

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