Photos of Maa Adwoa the beautiful lady who was shot 5 times to death by her boyfriend in Kumasi

young Ghanaian lady named Maa Adowa met her untimely death after being shot by her boyfriend five(5) times over a relationship issue yesterday.

Per the report, this unfortunate incident happened at the forecourt of Dufie Towers, Adum, Kumasi.

According to a source, the boyfriend has been suspecting and accusing the young lady of cheating on him but the lady always denies the allegations levelled against her by her boyfriend.

This continued for some time leading to the lady becoming fed up with the allegation. She was furious and broke up with the guy for always accusing her of cheating.

Fast forward, the boyfriend started pleading with her to forget about the issue and also for them to get back together but the lady declined.

This got the boyfriend angry who pulled out a gun and shot her multiple times before leaving the scene.

He is currently on the run and the police have started a manhunt to make sure he is arrested.

Amidst the sad news, photos of the deceased Maa Adwoa have landed on the internet ad left netizens teary.

Below are some of the reactions from Ghanaians who have come across the tragic story on social media…

Tony Oppong-KyekyekuA woman you are not married to and you went to the extent of triggering her. Besides even if she’s your legally wife and she not willing to be loyal . Just live her and go after all there is more better chicks aheaIs hightime some men wise up

Khõfï Lhïñkêr – It’s sad though but it is what it is how can u deceived someone that u love but rather u don’t love RIP

Tsadzo Prince Don Danny Hmmmmmmmmm God will punish this guys seriously

Shepherd Akwasi Akowuah Eiii asem paaaa may God have mercy on us all

Kobby William TenakwahThis Young Man must be jailed forever.How can u kill someone daughter just like data

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