Real cause of 2pm’s death revealed; was he cursed by a man he beat up with his friends? – VIDEO

Francis Peprah, aka 2pm, a budding freestyle rapper was reported dead weeks ago after he was involved in a motor accident in his town at Wassa.

2pm, also reference to as the King of Bars took over the Internet, especially tiktok with his withy rap bars which caught the attention of many but he unfortunately did not live to reap what he has sowed as his life was cut short at an early age of 22 years old.

A motor accident was all we knew to be the cause of his early demise but an audio has surfaced which says otherwise.

According to the audio in our possession, 2pm and his friends visited a local food joint to satisfy their hunger.

After making their purchase, they requested to seat at a table that was already occupied by another man despite the fact that there were other seats available with no occupants.

When the man refused to stand up and offer them his seat, 2pm and his friends pounced on him and and gave him he beating of his life.

Out of anger, the yet to be identified man laid out strong words on the kids citing that “should the see the next 3 weeks, they should find him and tease him”.

Unfortunately, 2pm succumbed to the man’s words as he died exactly the 2nd week. This audio had raised questions on the doings of the spiritual world as many claims the unidentified man’s curse really came to pass.

Watch the video below

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