Samira Bawumia is very cheap

Just a day to General elections in Ghana and the sex tape of the wife of the running mate of the biggest of opposition party has been leaked online.

Samira Bawumia is the wife of Dr Mahmoud Bawumia the running mate of Presidential candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

She recently received back lash from the ruling government for describing the President John Dramani Mhaham s the most useless president Ghana has ever had.
Host of “Pampaso” radio political show on Muntie FM, Mugabe Maase threatened to release the sex tape of the aspiring second lady for making such derogatory comment about the president.
He has backed his threat with action by releasing the video at this strategic time. Imagine the effect it will have on the election

The source who sent us the video disclosed that the video was taken with Samira’s boyfriend who she dated at GIMPA.

Due to the explicit posture of the two, We are holding off releasing the video

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