Sandra Ababio Shows Off Her Beautiful 15-Year-Old Daughter

Ghanaian actress Sandra Ababio has shown off her beautiful 15-year-old daughter.




There was a striking resemblance between mother and daughter which proved that Sandra had a baby girl.

In a recent interview with Delay, Sandra revealed how she gave birth to her first child when she was only 22 years old.




According to her, she met a 50-year-old man who took an interest in her. She later found out he was married with four children even though he had told her he was a divorcee.



Sandra was then forced to take care of her baby girl alone. She also opened up about the poverty she and her family experienced when she was growing up.

According to Sandra, the room she shared with her siblings always leaked whenever it rained so she and her parents were forced to stand till it stopped raining.

She became very emotions and decided to appreciate Delay for helping her in the movie industry.

Sandra also showered a lot of praises on Delay and Lil Win for their instrumental roles in shaping her career when she appeared on Delay’s show on Sunday, September 3.

She attributed her rise to prominence to their unwavering support and mentorship and described meeting Delay as a major step in her life.

“The next major step in my life was when I met you. I don’t know if you remember. You told me I was beautiful and that was when you were shooting Afia Schwarzenegger. I told you I was interested and you asked me to get in touch and gave me a role to play.

“I came on set and things started picking up for me. After that, we went on set to shoot a TV commercial and I met Lil Win too and started getting the spotlight in the Kumawood industry.

You were the game-changer for me. Your guidance and mentorship were invaluable. You saw potential in me and gave me the platform to showcase my talent on the TV show. That exposure opened doors for me and helped me gain recognition in the industry,” Sandra said during the interview.




Watch the video of Sandra’s daughter below;

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