Secrets of Mimosa Pudica as Love Potion Revealed!

Mimosa Pudica locally and popularly known as Abrewa Kata woho very common shrub found almost everywhere and mostly in muddy areas. It has numerous scientifically proven health benefits some of which includes;

Antibacterial, Anticonvulsant, Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac among others. It has traditionally been used over the years for the treatment of urogenital disorders, piles, dysentery to mention a few.

Aside their medical usage for health benefits, many plants have hidden spiritual usages with enormous effect when applied in the right procedure. For such spiritual usage, Mimosa Pudica(Abrewa kata woho) stands tall.

If you do not know what Mimosa pudica plant is, pay attention to the description following; It is a weed commonly found by the roadsides with a peculiar characteristic of responding to touch. Immediately you touch or it receives any form of vibrations, it folds in. Read on to learn how to use it as a love potion to keep that particular partner you never want to lose. When used in the right way, there would be no need to visit Shrines, Mallams or fake Pastors to engage Occultic powers that will in the long run have detrimental effects on your life.

First of all, make sure you have a cordial relationship with this person so you can invite them over to your house in order for it not to be tough but rather make it achievable and not appear weird to apply the procedure below;

1. Harvest a handful of the leaves of Mimosa Pudica.

2. Make a poultice of the leaves. Get 1 naphthalene ball(camphor), grind to turn into powder form and then mix it with the leaf poultice.

3. Wrap the poultice preparation made of camphor with white handkerchief and place it under a seat such that the person sit directly on it or,

4. Put the poultice preparation in clean water and use it to rinse bed sheet or any cover cloth which will have direct contact with the person. In this case, you can sit on the bed sheet with him/her.

5. When you manage to get the person to have contact as described above, hold the person by hand and profess love to him or her looking directly into their eyes.

After doing this, make sure you do not take them for granted. Show them true love, care, respect and they will love you forever. This procedure works so do not try it if you know you are not really in love with the one you want to do it on.

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