“Sleeveless, her brezz dey even touch man” – Netizens dig up photo of Moses Bliss’ wife tightly hugging man

Just days following her opulent wedding ceremony with Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss, Marie Wiseborn, has found herself embroiled in online controversy.

A resurfaced photograph on social media depicts the newlywed in an affectionate embrace with an unidentified man, sparking reactions among cybernauts.

The wedding of Marie and Moses Bliss, held on Feb 29 and March 1st, 2024, garnered attention primarily for Marie’s decent fashion choices and natural beauty.

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Amidst the praise for her, detractors swiftly unearthed the old photograph to challenge the perception of Marie, suggesting that she may not be as virtuous and upright as her public image portrays.

The image circulated on Instagram captures Wiseborn embracing the man tightly, her smile radiant. A commentator in the background highlighted Wiseborn’s attire—a sleeveless dress revealing her back—as she embraced the man with her chest. She further claimed that her breasts were pressing against the man’s body.

The commentator questioned the inconsistency between the behaviour depicted in the photo and the image of modesty associated with Marie Wiseborn following her wedding.

The critic concluded that the whole decency display was all staged.

See the post below:

Reacting, One @safiatumunkaila wrote: “No one is perfect🙌we all have a bad past ❤ please you guys should allow her.”

celebritybeautyclinic wrote: “She changed when she saw your brother .leave her alone.”

maame_efua_wilson wrote: “So Nigerians kroaa what is their problem boi,they should keep crying.”

afia1604 wrote: “Edey pain them ooooo, hahahaha!!! Moses said she naaaa he love,weytin be your problem 😂.”

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