Escape Accident and Armed Robbery using Susumasa Leaf (Read More)

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another amazing article which talks about Susumasa a leaf use to protect yourself against accident.

This how to use it

Plug ‘susumasa’ leaves and put in your pocket. It will make you look invisible when robbers try to attack you, in that case they won’t be able to make you out to attack you. With the leaves with you it will help you escape accident as well.

Susumasa Leaves
Susumasa Leaves


Arm robbers may try to attack them but with the help of the ‘Susumasa‘ leaves they will look invisible, this made the work of the arm robbers prove futile to them. This method is still in use in some traditional homes due to how reliable and effective it is.

It is also use to break spiritual marriage and cure so many diseases, which I will about soon.

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