Sugar Mummies in Ghana – Whatsapp Phone Numbers and Facebook Details

The term “sugar mummies” typically refers to older women who seek relationships with younger men, often providing financial support or other forms of material assistance in exchange for companionship, intimacy, or other services. These relationships are often characterized by a significant age difference and an imbalance of power and resources. The younger men involved are sometimes referred to as “sugar babies” or “toy boys.”

It’s important to note that the concept of sugar mummies is controversial and can be seen as a form of transactional or unconventional relationships. While some people engage in such arrangements consensually and without harm, others may view them as exploitative or unethical. It’s crucial to approach any relationship with open communication, respect, and an understanding of the motivations and dynamics involved.

It’s also worth noting that the legality and social acceptance of these types of relationships vary across different cultures and jurisdictions. Laws regarding age of consent, prostitution, or solicitation may come into play, so it’s essential to be aware of and comply with the relevant laws in your area.

There are quite a lot of sugar mummies in Ghana, are you aware? Most Ghanaian are not aware that there are lots of Sugar mummies residing in Accra, Kumasi and other big cities who need young and hot looking guys for a strong relationship that will benefit both parties.

sugar mummy in Ghana

So Who are these Sugar Mummies?

Sugar mummies are matured Ladies, especially from 35 years and above, who are looking for young and hot looking guys, capable of satisfying them physically.

What are My Benefits?

If this is your first time, then you welcome and read this carefully. Anytime you hear the word “Sugar Mummy”, is simply means a mature lady, who is dating a younger guy, and in return, offer the guy material gifts, like Money, cars, clothes and the good things of life.

Are you now interested?

If you are residing in Ghana and would love to date these sugar Mummy, then you’ve made the right choices. However, you should know that these ladies want to deal with mature guys, who knows how to satisfy and treat a Woman right.

Not a boy that blab around, but is weak. These ladies are rich, owns Multi-Million businesses within Ghana, in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.


sugar mummy in Ghana

Meet Vida Abj, a 34 years old lady, who is currently in need of a Hot looking sugar son in Ghana. Take note that Miss Vida Abj is a Big Businesswoman.

Miss Abj is a single mum with no issue. According to the message she sent, she is truly ready to change any guy life around that could prove to her all guys are not the same. So are you prepared to show Miss Vida Abj that she can trust you? Do the following below.

1. Drop a comment below, clearly stating your name, country, and phone number.
2. Then proceed and share tell her why she can trust you.

NOTE: She only picks one guy who she likes, and will contact you through the phone number in your comment. If you don’t add any phone number, she can’t contact you.

Meet with Preshy

ghana sugar mummy

This lady names are Pamela Adoh but is called Preshy by friends, due to her always looking fresh face and wonderful curves.

Miss Preshy is a beautiful Lady residing in Ghana and is very much interested in dating a Ghanaian guy. Although Miss Preshy said she is interested in being a sugar mummy, But she also wants a serious relationship that will Lead to Marriage.

Meet with Florence

Florence is a 39-year-old Lady, who is based in Ghana, but spends time outside the country, due to her businesses. Due to her business, she rarely has time for a serious relationship. But she wants a guy, better still, someone residing in Accra, who is ready to be her sugar son. If you are prepared, you must be ready to meet her anytime she is in Ghana.

Just in case you are not aware since we started this Sugar mummy in Ghana free connections, We have got several messages from other Matured ladies, who are interested in been linked and hookup with hot looking guys.

Hookup with Rachel

Mrs. Rachel is another wonderful lady in Ghana. She is a beautiful lady who is only 36 years old. She is in need of a hot looking guy that can treat her right.

Mrs. Rachel is very rich, and have a Bugatti, 4 SUVs and lots of Businesses scattered around Ghana higher institutions.

Are you interested in becoming Mrs. Rachel toyboy? Then drop your request in the comment section below.

Wendy Crush

Ghanaian sugar mummy

Wendy is not your typical Ghana lady, she spends most of her life in Canada and recently came back to Ghana for business. She is into Hair importation and has really been successful in this business.

Wendy is a full-time business lady, and she currently needs a trustworthy good looking guy for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. If you are interested in dating Wendy, drop a comment below. Take note that Money is never Wendy’s problem.


best sugar mummy in ghana

Gifty is the Daughter of one of Ghana’s richest man. She is quite adventurous and recently came to Ghana.

She is in need of an Accra based Ghanaian hot looking guy, who is ready to take her to the hottest Ghana joints, parties and clubs.

As you should probably be aware, she is not poor, and Money is not her problem. Her dad wants her to take over his company, which is why he brought her back from the United States of America.

I will be providing you with the latest sugar mummies in Ghana and their phone numbers on Facebook, WhatsApp for direct connection.

So, are you really interested and searching for a Ghanaian sugar mummy? You have already found them here and there is absolutely no connection fees.

For some time now, we have many sugar mummy in Ghana Facebook profiles and we connect sugar mummy in Ghana, including in Accra, Kumasi, Kotoko to lucky sugar boys for free without collecting any dimes.

Take note of this fact, and that is, we usually show sugar mummy in Ghana pics as well as sugar mummy in Ghana and their contacts. However, there are even Wealthy and richer Ghanaian Ladies who want us to connect them secretly. Which means, they are reading this post and will reach out to any guy that drop his details.

If you need a sugar mummy in Ghana, kindly declare interest on the comment box. Please take note of this important fact: It is always first to come, first serve. And it may take up to 6 days to get Response from these sugar Mummies.

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