Sugar Mummy from Abuja Needs any Guy Who Can Last 45Mins – ₦800k Monthly

If you’re in Nigeria, then you certainly must know this. Even if Lagos state is the major and popular city in Nigeria, FCT Abuja is the mining cave where Nigeria money is. There are virtual, more than 80% of Nigerian politicians living in Abuja, which means that their wives are quite rich. There is a huge craving of sugar sons in Abuja, and if you can prove yourself, you’ll be rich in No time.


Miss Blessing is currently dating a very POPULAR politician in Abuja. He’s well known and has all the money in the world. He’s steadily in the news and controls Billions of Naira.

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This popular Politician has grandchildren but loves young Women like Blessing, Big, fresh looking and beautiful. But he can’t last long in bed. Blessing says she is tired of always 5 minutes action.

She needs a young guy who is capable of giving her 45 Minutes plus every time they meet. Money is not a problem. She lives in one of the most secured Neighborhood in Abuja. But she can’t take you home, for fear of getting her politician boyfriend aware.

Here’s the Message she sent via our Whatsapp group Chat

Admin, please post this, My name is Blessing from Abuja. I’m searching for a young and agile sugar boy aged 18 – 25 who can rock my body. Money is not a problem because I got it stored.

I am ready to pay him ₦800k Monthly if he can satisfy Me and show me, love. But our relationship will strictly be a secret. No video camera, no pictures of both of Us, No calling or text messages. I will be the one to call you, so to avoid any problem that may arise.

All interested persons should drop their comments below. I will pick the best person I think will suit me. When dropping your comment, please share the following details about yourself.

1. Your age and Hobbies
2. Your location
3. Your phone number, especially the one you used for Whatsapping. You can drop a short detail about yourself.

This will make Blessing choose someone she truly thinks is matured enough for a serious relationship.

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