Lorde Pitcher Biography, The Child that Became a Celebrity from the Cradle

Baby Lorde Biography

Kafui Danku is a Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer who has a daughter named Lorde Pitcher. Lorde Pitcher was born on 26th October 2016, in Canada, where Kafui Danku gave birth to her. Lorde Pitcher’s birth was particularly meaningful to Kafui Danku because she had previously suffered multiple miscarriages and struggled with infertility. She has … Read more

Meet The Richest Celebrity Kid In Ghana, She Is Worth Over GH¢100K & She Has 250K Followers On IG

Most often, the children of celebrities turn out to celebrities even when they are still kids. Some of the kids whose parents are rich become rich in their early ages and live the dream of other kids. Over the world, kids like Jay Z and Beyonce’s children, Kenya West kids are among such popular and … Read more