Emelia Brobbey Properties And Business She Own

Emelia Brobbey Properties

Emelia Brobbey is a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur. She is known for her roles in Ghanaian movies such as “Asantewaa,” “Asem Asa,” and “Kae Dabi.” As an entrepreneur, she owns a beauty salon called “End Time Beauty Salon” and has also launched her own line of beauty products under the brand name “Emelia’s Touch.” However, … Read more

Emelia Brobbey Wedding With Pictures

Emelia Brobbey Wedding

A wedding is a happy union that most African women, including celebrities, desire. Family members, friends, and fans frequently wish female celebrities who are married a long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, celebrity divorces after a few years of marriage have become common, and Emelia Brobbey’s wedding was no exception. Emelia Brobbey’s divorce was surrounded by … Read more