Most People Are Spiritually Married For Urinating On Mimosa Leaves

Mimosa Pudica.

For those of us who indiscriminately urinate anywhere, the founder and leader of the healing mountain of God ministry in Suhum in the eastern region, Rev. Isaac Oppong has disclosed that a lot of spiritual marriages today are as a result of people urinating on mimosa leaves. According to the spiritual man, if the spirit … Read more

Bath “Nyamedua”(Alstonia) + “Abrewa kata wotw3” (Mimosa) + prekese on your soul day for breakthrough

Mimosa leaves

Aidan Fruit is called Prekese in the Twi language of Ghana. It is also called Uhio in the Igbo language of Nigeria. The tree has many uses. The believe is that prekese plant brings good luck with good spirits, which protect people from harm, this is when this plant is burnt around or bath with. The plant … Read more