Dr Osei Kwame Despite Exposed For Jailing IT Personnel For 20-years Amidst Hypocrite Abeiku Santana Attack On Pizzaman CEO

A pizzzaman staff has taken on Despite Media employee Abeiku Santana for his hypocrisy. A staff of pizzaman has taken on Despite Media radio journalist Abeiku Santana for his hypocrisy. This follows Abeiku Santana’s attack on CEO of Pizzaman for the arrest and 5 years prison sentence of two workers for stealing five 25 cartons … Read more

Osei Kwame Despite Biography, Age Profile, List Of Business, Mansions, Cars

Kwame Despite Biography

Kwame Despite, whose full name is Kwame Osei Despite, is a Ghanaian businessman and entrepreneur known for his success in the media and telecommunications industry. He is the founder and CEO of the Despite Group of Companies, a conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including media, real estate, and hospitality. Kwame Despite was born on … Read more

Who Is Richer Between Kennedy Agyapong and Osei Kwame Despite? Details On Their Net Worth

Kennedy Agyapong And Osei Kwame Despite

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite are two of Ghana’s wealthiest men. But who is the richest of the two? In our recent publication, we compared the wealth between Ghanaian businessman Ibrahim Mahama and that of international footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, and we came to a shocking outcome (I’m sure you’d want to see it … Read more