Name & Identity of the Slayqueen filmed begging an Uber driver to chop her in exchange for the payment of a ride revealed

It is surprising how some ladies disregard morals and subject themselves to being sex dolls just for money.

in recent times the youth especially the ladies in the name of money are doing things that are disgusting and shameful to womanhood.

In an article published moments ago,  a lady is taped bargaining with an Uber driver to have sex with her because she didn’t have money to pay for the ride.

In the trending clip, the lady revealed that she had only 400 naira (10 cedis) on her hence she can’t pay for the 1,500 naira (38 cedis) charge.

The Uber driver fiercely rejected the lady’s sexual advances and strongly insisted on taking his money.

The lady even removed her underwear to further entice the driver but he angrily told her to wear it back because he wants interested in having sex with her and needs his money.

During the heated moment, the driver mentioned the lady’s name as Ella. This has sparked serious public conversation.

Some pictures of a supposed Ella have been shared online and it has since gone viral as everyone is asking if that is the lady in the trending video.

We cannot confirm the picture hence sharing it here might not be good as it may be an innocent person’s picture used. Sharing her face here might cause an identity dent.

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