Video of Empress Lupita using frogs to prepare food of her husband causes stir

Viral GH TikTok couple, Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest have left many bewildered and confused about their lifestyle.

It is unclear whether the couple is sane and aware of everything they do or their way of life is just a seeming indication that they need psychological help.

A couple of days ago, their second child named El Saa alleged in an interview with Kofi Adoma that his parents sometimes defecate inside a bucket and later blend it to prepare soup for them to eat with banku.

As if that’s not gross enough, the couple apparently use frogs to prepare their meals which they enjoy eating and describe it as sumptuous.

A video of Empress Lupita introducing Godpapa The Greatest to one of her frog recipes she calls “Frori Condi” has surfaced on social media and received mixed reactions from many people who scandalized.

Watch the video below

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