Video of Mcbrown’s husband receiving a kiss from another lady at an event causes stir

Nana Ama McBrown’s husband, Mr. Maxwell Mensah, has once again found himself at the center of a controversy as a video capturing a seemingly affectionate moment between him and another woman has gone viral online.

The footage has ignited discussions and speculations, given Mr. Maxwell Mensah’s history and the context of the situation.

In the trending clip, Mr Maxwell Mensah can be seen at an event, flanked by two ladies.

The trio engaged in a short Snapchat video, with the ladies playfully clinging onto him.

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However, the part of the video has drawn significant attention occurred when one of the women planted a passionate kiss on Mr Maxwell Mensah’s cheek.

The video’s emergence has prompted reactions from social media users, with many questioning the nature of the interaction and drawing connections to Mr Maxwell Mensah’s previous associations with multiple women.

This incident has also added to the existing speculation about his personal relationships, as he has been linked to various ladies in the past.

Apparently, alot of social media users have asserted that the woman who kissed Mr Maxwell Mensah on the cheek could potentially be more than just an acquaintance.

Critics have also quickly drawn parallels between this incident and his past associations, resulting in discussions that delve into his alleged romantic involvement with multiple women.

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