We Hope You Are Not Marrying This One Too As A Revenge – Netizens Warn Tima Kumkum On New Man

Ghanaian television and radio presenter, Cynthia Tima Yeboah, also known as Tima Kumkum, has posted a photo showing off a new man she is planning to get married to.

But some fans of hers are worried she might be getting married for the wrong reasons since she did the same thing in her past marriage.

Recall that a few years ago, Tima Kumkum disclosed that she didn’t love her ex-husband and that she only went into the marriage to despise her ex-boyfriend.

I married my ex-husband to revenge on my ex-boyfriend who slept with my friend,” she told Delay on ‘The Delay Show’. “I wasn’t truly in love with my ex-husband, but I liked him.”

“He knew I didn’t love him. I didn’t tell him, but he knew it. He knew I didn’t love him, but he thought we would grow together and love each other. He never did me wrong before we married. He is a good person. I was 24 when I married him.” Tima Kumkum had stated.

Tima, who met her husband, who is only known as Kwadwo, at the tertiary indicated that their divorce started with separation and it was when she was pregnant with her second child.

Tima disclosed how she filed for divorce after giving birth to her third child because their relationship was beyond repair.

However, after several years of getting her heart broken, Tima is finally ready to give marriage another chance.

See her post below,

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