Who is Rudebwoy Ranking? Biography, Top Trending Songs, Wife, Age, Career

“Rudebwoy Ranking” is a song by the Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline, released in 2015. The song is known for its catchy beat and lyrics that describe Alkaline’s status as a “rudebwoy” or a tough, street-smart individual who is respected and feared in his community. The song was a popular hit in Jamaica and helped to solidify Alkaline’s status as one of the top dancehall artists of his generation.

Rudebwoy Ranking Biography Summary

Full name Mustapha Rahman
Stage name Rudebwoy Ranking
Gender Male
Date of birth 18th March 1991
Zodiac sign Pisces
Age 31 years (as of November 2022)
Nationality Ghanaian
Ethnicity African
Marital status Unknown
Occupation Musician
Genre Dancehall
Net worth Unknown
Facebook @rudeboyranking
Twitter @RudebwoyRanking
Instagram @rudebwoyrankinggh
Audiomack @rudebwoyranking
Spotify Rudebwoy Ranking
YouTube Rudebwoy Ranking

Rudebwoy Ranking Biography

Rudebwoy Ranking was born in Africa and he is a rising dancehall artist in Ghana. His real name is Mustapha Rahman and uses “Rudebwoy Ranking” as his on-stage name. He spent some of his time in the slums of Nima as he was studiying the genre and base of dancehall music. Rudebwoy is almost new to the dancehall scene in Ghana and is making steady progress. He has been performing at most of Ghana’s dancehall concerts since 2015.

He is called Rudebwoy because of his looks and lyrics. He says his lyrics are probably a bit rude sometimes because of which he is regarded as a bad boy. He adds that he is climbing up the ranks and that is why he is named “Ranking”- which means he is ranked as a king.

He calls himself simple, honest, and clean hearted with a positive approach towards life. Rudebwoy is focused on his career and girls do not fall in love with him because of his dedication towards achieving his goals, and his bad-boy attitude.

Ranking has a cool personality. On being talked about his scary looks, he says it is his brand and it is what makes him stand out among the rest. He has been planning it since day one and he has always believed he will reach the apex. Rudebwoy Ranking 2018 has started off with a band with his latest video which dropped this January, on YouTube and is a great dancehall hit.

Rudebwoy Ranking launched his debut album on 12th September 2016; it is named Elevation-Time. He has worked with some of the most popular Ghanaian artistes such as Shatta Wale, Episode, Samini, Edem, Ras Kuuku, EL, and Luther. Rudebwoy has big dreams, and it does not end with just being on the Ghana Dancehall scene. He plans to make a mark on the industry by being a brand. So far, there is no information on Rudebwoy Ranking net worth. But we will get back to you as soon as we get a hold of more information on this celeb.

At the 2015 Bass Awards, Ranking won the “Discovery Of The Year” award and he has also won five awards at 2017’s Hausa Music Awards. He has two nominations to his name at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, for Dancehall Song Of The Year/ VGMA 2017 Best Reggae/ Reggae Dancehall Artiste Of The Year.

Some of the most trending Rudebwoy Ranking music right now is Gbelemo, Pain Dem, Original, Deh A Road. It is said that his song Dambanza makes his fans identify him for what he is. The song is an inspiration for the youth; it asks them to not be lethargic and instead remain focused on making progress by working hard and achieve their goals. Rudebwoy has always made his songs people-friendly and his lyrics are straightforward. Mixed with dancehall, his songs are worth listening to.

Rudebwoy Ranking’s Biography

Rudebwoy Ranking’s real name is Mustapha Rahman. He is a Ghanaian citizen, born and raised in Africa.

How old is Rudebwoy Ranking?

Rudebwoy Ranking’s age is 31 years as of November 2022. The dancehall star was born on 18th March 1991.

Rudebwoy Ranking’s career history

Rudebwoy learnt dancehall music while residing at Nima slums in Accra, Ghana. He began performing at dancehall concerts countrywide in 2015.

The artist bagged the Discovery Of The Year award at the 2015 Bass Awards. He then launched his debut album, Elevation-Time, on 12th September 2016.

Rudebwoy Ranking
Rudebwoy Ranking

Rudebwoy received seven nominations at the 2016 Hausa Music Awards and won five: Fan Base of the Year, Dancehall artiste of the year, Collaboration of the year, Most popular song of the year, and Artiste of the year awards.

He has worked with several iconic Ghanaian artists like Shatta Wale, Episode, Samini, Edem, Ras Kuuku, EL, and Luther.

Rudebwoy Ranking’s songs

Rudebwoy Ranking’s Smoke My Sorrow hit track came out on 31st May 2014. It urged society not to misjudge m*arijuana smokers because the drug does not make one an evil person.

The Dambanza song got massive airplay and attention from the media in 2014. This energetic Hausa song is about “a good for nothing person.” 2017’s Gbelemo song has beautiful dancers, and Holy Ghost Fire came out on 30th September 2015. It talks about righteousness, freedom and justice.

Lex McCarthy of Bullhaus Entertainment directed Rudebwoy Ranking’s Pain Dem track. The song was uploaded on YouTube on 17th June 2016. It urged people to avoid being envious of each other’s success.

Bullhaus Entertainment released Rudebwoy Ranking’s Jah Over Dem song on 3rd June 2018. It expressed the artist’s strong faith in God and encouraged the audience to trust the Almighty when in trouble.

Here is a list of Rudebwoy Ranking’s trending songs:

1. Too Know 14. Dambanza
2. Original Rudebwoy 15. Gbelemo
3. Jah over Dem 16. Holy Ghost Fire
4. Yaro 17. Don’t Cry
5. Make Money 18. Deh Ah Road
6. Coco 19. Forever ft. Medikal
7. Knockout 20. Informer ft. Raga Afrika
8. Wine Up 21. Enter
9. Boby 22. Forking Money Maker
10. Topchart 23. Blind Fi Dem
11. Turn Me On 24. Why Me (Warning)
12. Pain Dem 25. Wash Your Face (Bangr Riddim)
13. Smoke My Sorrow 26. One Man Millitant (Prod. by Beatzhynex)

Here is a list of Rudebwoy Ranking songs

Too KnowOriginal RudebwoyJah over DemYaroMake MoneyCocoKnockoutWine UpBobyTopchartTurn Me OnPain DemSmoke My SorrowDambanzaGbelemoHoly Ghost FireDon’t CryDeh Ah RoadForever ft. MedikalInformer ft. Raga AfrikaEnterForking Money MakerBlind Fi DemWhy Me (Warning)Wash Your Face (Bangr Riddim)One Man Millitant (Prod. by Beatzhynex)

Rudebwoy Ranking Trending Songs

What are Rudebwoy Ranking’s latest songs?

You can find Rudebwoy Ranking’s latest songs on YouTube. He released Dawg on 29th June, then uploaded the Birdman song on 5th July 2021. These melodies are still in audio form.

Who is Rudebwoy Ranking’s wife?

Rudebwoy is one of the most private Ghanaian dancehall artists. Therefore, it is hard for fans to know his marital status.

What is Rudebwoy Ranking’s height?

Rudebwoy is around 6 feet tall. He is yet to publicly share his height, weight, and other body measurements.

What is Rudebwoy Ranking’s net worth?

Rudebwoy Ranking’s worth is unknown because he keeps he does not flaunt his wealth and lifestyle online.

Is Rudebwoy Ranking on TitTok?

There are many short videos related to Rudebwoy Ranking on TikTok but the artist does not have an official TikTok account as of November 2022.

Is Rudebwoy Ranking on Spotify?

The artist’s Spotify account is under Rudebwoy Ranking.

Facts about Rudebwoy Ranking

  • Dancehall fans mistake Rudebwoy Ranking for Nigerian singer Paul Okoye (alias Rudeboy). Paul Okoye does R&B, hip hop, Afrobeats, dancehall, and reggae songs.
  • He keeps long dreadlocks and occasionally changes their colour from black to maroon and brown.
  • Rudebwoy Ranking is a rude person, as his stage name implies. Fans experience his kindness on social media, and he usually tags his friends on posts.
  • The singer loves tattoo art and is yet to share with fans the meanings behind the beautiful tattoos on his arms.

Rudebwoy Ranking has not dropped new songs this year. Fans are eagerly waiting for videos from the two audios he uploaded on YouTube in 2021.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Pain Dem

Pain Dem is probably the coolest song made by Rudebwoy Ranking and is one of Rudebwoy Ranking new songs. The tune of the song will directly make you love the song. The beats are really catchy and the rhythm of the songs is sweet. More than anything, the lyrics fit in perfectly. It is an inspirational song for those who want to reach a higher place but is disliked by people and discouraged by haters. It is about paining those who love to backbite. The video is shot simply around Ranking and yet it manages to hold zeal to watch it more than just a few times. The video was directed by Lex McCarthy of Bullhaus Entertainment and was published to YouTube on 17th June 2016. Pain Dem has over 99K YouTube views.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Smoke My Sorrow

The song is a really casual one and the cause behind it is something many people will agree with, and disagree at the same time. This song is about Marijuana, something we also know as Weed. In this track, Ranking simply puts emphasis on the fact that smoking weed does not mean you are an evil person. Even then, weed smokers are treated as miscreants and looked down at by the society. He says that he smokes weed to take away his sorrow and let his mind be free and in peace. The video has been directed by Richmond Amoako Gyasi and Produced by Chopstixs of Nigeria. The video has more than 75K hits on YouTube.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Dambanza

The song was released by the end of 2014. It was appreciated by dancehall music lovers all over the country and it got many airplays and attention from the media. The video for this song was shot in Nima and produced by Leety Creation. “Dambanza” stands for “A good for nothing person”; and the video portray the day-to-day lives of the people living in our community. The song is in Hausa, and it is patios fused. The YouTube video has over 55K views. It is an energetic song, and by the end of the video, you will feel enthusiastic and ready to do something.

RudeBowy Ranking – Gbelemo

We have got to admit it is a pretty hot video. Gbelemo is a total dance track made fully for fun. The smoke and the dark texture of the video are complimented by beautiful girls and the dancers. The song is pretty fun to listen to, and if you are a dancehall fan, Gbelemo is going to be in your playlist for some time. The YouTube video was published 8 months ago and it has got more than 55K views.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Holy Ghost Fire

This video was published on 30th September 2015. The gangsta’ beats and rhythm accompany the track really well. Holy Ghost Fire is about righteousness and the violent worldly condition. It is less of a dance track and more of those songs which you need to listen and feel because there is depth in it. The production crew took full care of the video and made sure it comes out as brilliant. The theme is dark and the video speaks of freedom and justice. It will, no doubt, make its spot in your collection. Play it when you are on the road and the fresh air hits you. This video has more than 54K hits on YouTube.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Don’t Cry

Despite the name “Rudebwoy”, and people’s misconception about him being rude; just because of his looks and some of his strong lyrics, this song proves that there is more to this Dancehall artiste than what people think. Don’t Cry is a love song and it sounds amazing. The song is exactly what the name suggests. If you are in love and you do not get the attention and care you deserve, try this song. It will make you feel that you are not alone and there is that someone who will keep you from harm and make you happy. “Don’t cry ‘cause I’m here for you.” The video is well-shot and adds charm to the song. Directed by Bullhaus Entertainment’s Lex McCarthy, this 2016 video has over 30K views on YouTube.

Rudebwoy Ranking – Original Rudebwoy

This video has over 20K views on YouTube. It is a decent dance track which can make your party worthwhile as you try those moves in this song. It has a catchy electronic tune and Rudebwoy does not ideally sit and sing. You can feel the beat drop and your body move with this dancehall song. The video is well-produced and those guys in this video are amazing dancers. Every element compliments each other to make this a cool video, of a song, which, in itself is enough to get you going.

Rudebwoy Ranking – DEH AH ROAD

Published to YouTube on 30th November 2017, Deh Ah Road was produced by Dream Jay and has over 14K views on YouTube. It is such a nice song- the music is sober and the throw of lyrics by the artiste is powerful. Together, these elements have elevated the song and it sounds really trippy. The video has been shot in nature and the shaky camera takes make it a pretty dynamic track. The song is fun and is under Bullhaus Entertainment.

There you go. We looked all over and collected as much info on Rudebwoy Ranking as possible. It seems like this rising star has not given up too much about himself so far; probably because he is waiting for the right time. Whatever is on the mind of this dancehall king, Tuko will make sure to bring you more updates as soon as we have it. Until then, fell free to let us know through your valuable comments, about our article, as well as any other information which you would like to share with us.

Rudebwoy Ranking Dead

Ghanaian reggae/dancehall artiste Mustapha Rahman, known in showbiz as Rudebwoy Ranking is reported dead.

Joy Entertainment sources say the musician passed away in the early hours of Monday, April 24, 2023 at the Ridge Hospital in Accra where he had been taken to, for treatment.

Rudebwoy who was once managed by Bullgod, has songs like ‘Jah Over Dem’, ‘No Drama’, ‘Yaro’, ‘Level Up’, ‘My Time’, among others.

Rudebwoy Ranking Cause Of Death

Rudebwoy Ranking, the famous Ghanaian musician passed away on April 24, 2023. Let’s see what happened to the musician and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Rudebwoy Ranking?

Mustapha Rahman aka Rudebwoy Ranking, a well-known Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artist, has reportedly passed away. 

The musician passed suddenly early on April 24, 2023, at the Ridge Hospital in Accra, where he had been admitted for treatment, according to a report by myjoyonline.com that cited sources.  

Who was Rudebwoy Ranking?

The dancehall star was born on March 18, 1991. Rudebwoy developed his dancehall skills while living in the Nima ghetto in Accra, Ghana.

In 2015, he started appearing at dancehall events all throughout the nation. The musician won the 2015 Bass Awards’ Discovery Of The Year honor. Then, on September 12, 2016, he released Elevation-Time, his debut album.

He has collaborated with a number of well-known Ghanaian artists, including Luther, Episode, Samini, Edem, Ras Kuuku, Shatta Wale, and Samini.

At the 2016 Hausa Music prizes, Rudebwoy was nominated for seven prizes and took home five of them, including Fan Base of the Year, Dancehall Artist of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, Most Popular Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year. 

The hit song Smoke My Sorrow by Rudebwoy Ranking was released on May 31, 2014. Because marijuana does not automatically turn a user into a bad person, it urged society not to judge marijuana users harshly.

In 2014, the Dambanza song received a tonne of media coverage and exposure. The subject of this upbeat Hausa song is “a good-for-nothing person.”

Holy Ghost Fire, which was released on September 30, 2015, has stunning dancers in the Gbelemo song of 2017. It discusses justice, freedom, and righteousness. Director Lex McCarthy from Bullhaus Entertainment

What happened to Rudebwoy Ranking? Everything we know so far about his death

Rudebwoy Ranking passed away after becoming ill for some time. He died after an undisclosed illness on Monday morning. 

Ghana Music reported the passing of the music artist and the statement reads,

RIP Rudebwoy Ranking. He gave us one of the best Reggae songs of the last decade. #GhanaMusic

According to Joy Entertainment sources, the musician died at the age of 33.

The musician’s family has not yet made any public statements, but the music industry is in mourning, and many people have posted tributes with pictures of him on social media. The songs “Jah Over Dem,” “No Drama,” “Yaro,” “Level Up,” and “My Time” are among Rudebwoy Ranking’s repertoires.  

Numerous tributes have been left on various social media sites, and many people have expressed shock at the passing of Ranking, a Dancehall musician who was once signed to Bullhaus Entertainment. 

Tributes to Rudebwoy Ranking

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