“You’re 56 and not 46” – Ghanaians troll Nana Ama Mcbrown on her birthday

Many celebrities choose to hide or alter their real ages for a variety of reasons. While the motivations can differ from person to person, here are some common factors that contribute to this phenomenon:

  • Industry Expectations: The entertainment industry often places a strong emphasis on youth and attractiveness. Celebrities might feel pressured to maintain a certain appearance or level of energy associated with younger ages. Revealing their true age might lead to them being typecast or overlooked for certain roles.

Ageism: Unfortunately, ageism is prevalent in many industries, including entertainment. Some celebrities fear that disclosing their true age could lead to diminished opportunities and discrimination, particularly for women, as the industry tends to place a higher premium on youth.

Marketability: Celebrities are brands, and their marketability can be influenced by perceptions of their age. Younger celebrities might have a broader appeal to advertisers and sponsors, making it advantageous to appear younger than they actually are.

Today, award-winning Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama Mcbrown is celebrating her 46th birthday but most Ghanaians have argued that she’s more than the said age.

According to a section of trolls, Nana Ama Mcbrown is more than 46 and probably around 56.

This isn’t the first time the star actress has been questioned about her real age but she has always maintained being born on August 15, 1977.

As Mcbrown markets her 46th birthday today, she has dropped a set of alluring pictures on social media that has granted massive love reactions as well as comments both positive and negative.

Francis Mccarthy on Facebook for instance commented – Nana McBrown is 56 not 46

@She_loves_Stonebwoy on IG also commented – Fuckin sexy and hot ?. Happy birthday Obaa Ama. You deserve all the happiness live can give. Age with grace and love. U are truly loved ? sis???.

@Kobby Kyei – Happy Birthday Empress! Your brand and platforms have truly made a positive impact on humanity. May your journey continue to inspire and uplift others. Wishing you a day filled with joy and surrounded by love!

@Ohemaawoyeje – Happy birthday Nana. We praise Jah for ur new age. Continued blessings 

@Bignashpromotions – Fulljoy your Special day full of love and joy ?….Akyesaaa

@MzzyAfriyie – You look younger because your spirit is pure. Live forever. Happy birthday

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